Most people are not happy with the stance of their truck, SUV or Jeep's stance from the factory, so you aren't alone.

This is where Rough Country comes in. They specialize in lift and leveling kits for almost every truck or SUV.

The suspension of the vehicle can be modified with a suspension lift to raise the ride height of the vehicle, or leveling kit to make it sit level (instead of having the front lower than the rear) improving the look and performance of the vehicle and allowing for larger tires.

Another option to raise the vehicle without modifying the suspension is to do a body lift kit. This raises the body of the vehicle to allow larger tires, which in turn gives the vehicle better ground clearance.

For more information and an application to look up your specific vehicle check out Rough Country's website (click image).


Rough Country offers a full line of exterior accessories for you truck or SUV.

They offer fender flares, wheel well liners, custom grilles, bull bars and bumpers to make your vehicle look as tough as you know it is.

For the more functional accessories, they have nerf bars/steps (to help you get in after lifting the vehicle), bed mats (to keep your cargo from sliding around) and tonneau covers (to keep the elements off the items on your fancy new bed mat).

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Rough country also offers replacement parts.

They have shocks and struts as well as drivetrain components, steering stabilizers and other parts, throttle body spacers (for a little extra power), control arms, brake lines, radius arms, shackles, u-bolts, traction bars, sway bar kits and more.

Need parts for your modified truck? Don't check the parts store, call us. 


If you have a Jeep, you understand the Jeep craze. So does Rusty's Audiomotive and Rough Country. That is why we want to cater to those of you with the Jeep craze.

They carry everything from tops, to bumpers, to steps, seat covers, floor mats, fender flares, suspension, drivetrain components and offroad armor as well as everything else you can imagine for your Jeep when you turn the wheel away from the road.

Don't leave the Jeep stock, they just aren't meant for it.


Rough country also offers the finishing touches.

We know if you don't keep the vehicle on the road, your shoes aren't on the road, and you don't want that getting all over the interior. Simple solution: Rough Country floor mats. Cheaper than weathertech, every bit as good, and they say rough country on them to match your lift.

Don't stop there, lets embody the whole look and but the look on your body. Hats, shirts and hoodies are available as so you can be as stylish as your newly remodled offroad machine.