Parking assist systems aid drivers in safely parking their vehicle.

They have ultrasonic sensors that detect objects and their distance to keep you from hitting objects or other vehicles. The sensors can be installed on front or rear bumpers of vehicles.

The systems also include an LED display to notify you how close objects are. An audible tone will also be emitted.

These are a great way to not only help you park, but to keep your vehicle and others safe.


Back up cameras are a key part of vehicle safety, which is why new vehicles all come with them now.

When you are backing up, your mirrors help you see what is behind you, but not nearly as well as a camera. Kids, pets, objects, and vehicles can all be out of your view when backing up without a camera.

Don't risk it, get a camera and feel more comfortable when putting your car in reverse.

Camera image can be displayed on radios that have a display, or a standalone display can be added.

Another option is replacing the rearview mirror with one that has a built in LCD display for displaying the camera image.


Exactly what it says. It combines a rear parking assist system and a back up camera for the ultimate in parking safety.

The parking sensor information displays on the screen with the back up camera so you can see where the sensors are detecting something right on the image from the camera!

Many vehicle manufacturers are starting to use the same kind of systems in their vehicles because they know this is the best form of parking safety.


When driving on the highway, often times there are vehicles in what is known as your "blind spot".

Blind spot detection systems alert you when a vehicle is there. This keeps you safe when changing lanes.

If you go to change lanes, and a vehicle is there, the system will make an audible beep and a light will illuminate on the corresponding side of the dash to let you know which side the vehicle is on.

Just one more great way to protect your car, your passengers and others.